ocTEL - whys, wherefores and greasy data

Last week, I made a flying visit to the ALT-C conference. Even though I was just there for the day, it was great to catch up with a few old friends, and to meet people I've been working with for a while but not actually met in person. In particular, David Jennings who has been co-ordinating the ocTEL MOOC, which I've been evaluating.

At the conference, David, Martin Hawksey, and I presented an overview of how ocTEL was developed, the technology that ran it, who took part, the kinds of benefits it offered to participants and ALT, and some early evaluation findings. Here's the slidedeck from the presentation.

Martin has written extensively on how he developed the code for wordpress to run the ocTEL course, but I particularly liked how he described pulling together the different social media sources that fed the ocTEL course reader:

In relation to the evaluation findings, I think Rose Heaney nicely summed up how participants engaged.

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