Our new obsession.....

I love gadgets. After a tough week of waiting, and tracking their every movement from order to processing, from delivery centre to courier, our shiny new Samsung NC10 netbooks have arrived at last!

Spec-wise, they seem to be market leaders - bigger hard drives (160gb but not SS), proper battery life (we're read reviews which suggest 6 hours unlike the Acer Aspire One's 2 hours), along with all the standard features (webcam, wireless, lots of ports etc). But the biggest incentive has to be the size - it has a 10inch screen which is great but better still it means that the keyboard is much more usable than the smaller 8.9 inch competitors (like Asus eeepc). In fact it's 93% of a standard keyboard. Right that's enough nerdy-ness for now, I have a new toy to play with!



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