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Last week I attended the JISC Curriculum Delivery projects start-up meeting. JISC InfoNet are leading the support project that organised the meeting, and there were quite a few differences from the usual JISC programme meeting. The seating arrangements were perhaps a bit more relaxed than the norm, and the meeting itself was arranged on a seventies TV theme.

One of the highlights on day one were the project pitches. I particularly enjoying the Great ESCAPE theme, which was used to the full by the team from the University of Hertfordshire. See the ESCAPE blog for more on the Effecting Sustainable Change in Assessment Practice and Experience (ESCAPE) project.

We are providing the evaluation support for the Delivery and Design programmes, so it was a great chance for me to find out more about the projects, and meet some of the project teams. We were asked to run the closing session for day two, which was essentially a visioning exercise. We'd been given the title of 'Tomorrow's World' so we asked projects to think forward two years and consider what the main achievements would be, particularly from the view point of different project stakeholders. It was the last session on a Friday, but some of the projects really steamed ahead.
I've put the outcomes from one into a mindmap. Amazing what can be achieved in an hour!


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