Word arrays as a tool for consultation analyses?

I keep seeing blog posts with colourful word arrays. So, thought I'd join in. Here's Wordle's take on our delicious bookmarks.

Essentially, this is a visual representation of what we have posted about the most, or at least the tags/labels we have used. It reminds me of some of the ways that cluster analyses are presented. There are some examples of these in Edial Dekker's slideshare on data visualisation - the Great War soldier visual is particularly effective.

Wordle also has the option to paste in text. I've seen reference to this being used with documents, and it makes me think it could be an interesting research tool. At least for demonstrating what is really being said. Perhaps as an initial indicator for consultation analyses...? Lots of possibilities!

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Blogger Alison said...

Love this tool - and am extra pleased that we seem to be bookmarking relevant stuff!! I think we should pilot using this as you suggest - maybe in one of our new projects?

9:39 AM  

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