Teachers debate ACE online

The Scottish Executive have just launched it's first online consultation or 'debate'. This is focused around teachers' perceptions of what they need to do, and be, to meet the standards of A Curriculum for Excellence - the 3-18 curriculum currently under development. Or, in the words of the Executive what skills, qualities and expertise teachers will need to deliver ACE.

To draw people in there are start-up papers by Terry Dozier and Margaret Alcorn as well as a contribution from the General Teaching Council for Scotland on registration standards.

The online forum itself has received 23 posts since it launched on December 8th, and the number viewing has already exceeded 700. It will be interesting to see how the subject matter is responded to by teachers, as well as how this new consultation format is managed.

Map Builder

We're alwasy exploring new ways of presenting data, and have recently come across Map Builder - which is a "rapid mashup development tool for Google and Yahoo maps".

It's really easy to use, and we've been trying it out for reporting on the evaluation of an NHS Health Scotland e-learning pilot course. Basically, we're mapping all the participants locations on a single map so their geographical distribution can be easily seen at a glance. Map Builder stores your maps so you can go back and edit them at anytime, and will give you the html code to include it in your own site if you like.