The Google Custom Search Engine

This is the latest move from Google into web 2.0 technologies (see Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog for some detailed definitions) and a move towards enabling users to personalise their programs. The search engine can be set to only search a subset of websites, can allow users to customise the format of results and can let website owners earn a cut from advertisements linked to search terms. Read more about it in this BBC News article

Firefox 2 released

Mozilla will keep up the pressure on Microsoft today when they release their newest verion of their Firefox browser (Firefox 2). This release comes after the release of Internet Explorer 7 by Microsoft last week.

This BBC article reports that over one million people have helped to refine Firefox 2, meaning that at release it will be available in 36 languages with 1900 add-ons!

Podcasting blogs

Combining two of the hot topics of the moment - blogging and podcasting - Stewart Mader provides podcasts of every entry in his blog 'Using Wiki in Education'. This posting reveals how he does it, giving instructions on how to automatically create podcasts of your blog posts using Talkr and RSS feeds. Clever stuff!!

All women gamers, please stand up

This BBC report looks at how the gaming industry are beginning to take notice of women gamers, and outlines some of the steps they plan to take to encourage them - including a pink version of the playstation and a game based on desperate houswives.

More interestingly however, are the commments left by readers towards the end... many of them highlight that women gamers are more established than the big companies perhaps assume, and that most gamers - male or female - just want some new, inventive games to be created, rather than using gimmicks and repeating the same old games formulas.

A perfect example is Alyson Johnson from Newcastle upon Tyne who says "I don't want pink consoles, I don't want fluffy wuffy games that make me feel cuddly, I want excitement and more importantly games which are innovative and fun."