Social Software and Learning

FutureLab have published a report on the use of Social Software and Learning. Along with introducing the concept of social software, it also discusses the issues arising through moving toward learning in an "era of connection and collaboration".

"In the educational arena, we are increasingly witnessing a change in the view
of what education is for, with a growing emphasis on the need to support
young people not only to acquire knowledge and information, but to develop
the resources and skills necessary to engage with social and technical
change, and to continue learning throughout the rest of their lives.

In the technological arena, we are witnessing the rapid proliferation of
technologies which are less about ‘narrowcasting’ to individuals, than the
creation of communities and resources in which individuals come together
to learn, collaborate and build knowledge (social software)."

See the full report for a discussion of how these two issues might come together in the use of social software for learning.


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