Can you help me discover more learning that I'll like?

I've just discovered the excellent Pandora, courtesy of Andy Dean and the Marchmont Observatory WebFlash. Normally, the Flash covers all things elearning and lifelong-learning, but a recommendation slipped in for this rather addictive, do-it-yourself kind of radio.

Pandora was created by the Music Genome Project, which "set out to capture the essence of music ... and ended up assembling literally hundreds of musical attributes or 'genes'". It might sound a bit implausible, but it works. It certainly delivers on their intention to help me discover more music that I like, and share that with others by email or as an RSS feed.

Getting back to elearning, if the equivalent of these musical attributes is metadata. Can you imagine a time when metadata and the like is such that people could have learning shipped to them on the basis on what they've enjoyed so far? Where they could review what the Top 10 of what their friends or everyone else is learning, or just find something new? A system that delivers on "Can you help me discover more learning that I'll like?"


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