The gadget gene?

This article from the reports on work done by some Japanese researchers who say the monoamine oxidase A enzyme is "significantly associated with higher scores of novelty-seeking" - so there is a good reason for needing that new laptop/games console/ mobile phone etc, etc, etc!!

Using Wikis on the Intranet: The British Council Case Study

This article by Maish Nichani presents a case study of using wikis in the British Council in Singapore in their professional development department. This outlines the what the wiki has been used for, and highlights the tasks which it has been best suited to enhance, including monthly meetings, keeping client profiles, holding a centralised calendar facility, and some specific projects which are beind investigated.

What this demonstrates best is how a simple piece of technology can be applied to basic everyday task to make a real improvement in the sharing of infomation within an organisation, and to the smooth running of the core business. It was also interesting the emphasis Mark Hamilton (the communication skills expert and the designated KM manager within the British Council) laid on the ethos within the organisation ("a culture of negotiation") in enabling the successful adoption of this technology.

Axeing the RAE

The Guardian reports on plans to axe the RAE excercise for Higher Education. Lead academics have criticised the government's consultation paper proposing five new options for distributing research funding to universitites, saying that not enough details on the benefits of each option are given. See the Guardian article for further information.