Personalised Learning

A focus on personalised learning in schools was announced by the DfES recently (DfES, News Centre).  An expert panel has been created to review the current state of play, "recommend ways to ensure that personalised learning is a reality in every classroom and set out a vision for how teaching and learning should develop between now and 2020".The review, which is expected to report by the end of 2006 will look at: • teaching and learning strategies, especially in literacy and numeracy;• best use of setting and grouping;• improving parental engagement;• how personalised learning can close the achievement gap and boost social mobility;• addressing the needs of gifted and talented children;• use of ICT and pupil data to personalise learning; • the potential for workforce reform to support personalisation;• utilising flexibilities in the National Curriculum;• collaboration between schools to deliver educational opportunities.    


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