Post-16 e-learning Evidence Database

This site aims to provide "access to an evidence based database consisting of documents (research reports etc) which relate directly to ICT in the post-16 sector". Although still in the early stages, this could be an excellent source for documents that are otherwise difficult to find or are located on different government department websites. (Anyone can search the site though download access is currently controlled by Becta.)

It is being developed as part of the Post-16 e-learning strategy, a site which also includes outline details of the range of associated projects, though no links to project websites as yet.

One example is the Self-review framework - Self-assessment tool, which is intended to assist organisations in identifying where they are in relation to ICT, how well they are doing and pinpoint any areas that might need developing. (Due to be launched at the end of Spring 2006, this presentation provides some details of the framework.) Reflections of earlier projects using maturity models, and the e-learning benchmarking exercise currently being led by the HE Academy?


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