The mobile reigns, and lets learn with it

Perhaps best known for his work in digital game based learning, Marc Prensky highlights the prevalence of mobile phones, and considers why and how mobiles might be used to learn almost anything! Posted in Innovate Journal of Online Education June/July 2005 1(5).

Prensky breaks down the capabilities of phones using feature segmentation, and notes what could be possible for learning. Features are split into voice, text or short messaging service (SMS), graphics, user-controlled operating systems, downloadables, browsers, camera functions (still and video), and geopositioning. He also refers to newly emerging features such as fingerprint readers, sensors, and voice recognition, and highlights hardware and software add-ons such as thumb keyboards and styli and plug-in screens and headphones. Even just written as a list, the power of mobiles starts to become clear, and this article suggests and points to learning uses for many of these features.

Just one example: rather than worrying about cheating, "adjust the rules of test-taking" and redefine "open-book testing as open-phone testing, ...thereby encouraging, rather than quashing, student innovation" and put phones to educational use by allowing students to retrieve information on demand during exams.


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In the UK, the JISC have also funded studies into the use of mobiles, which are due to report by September 05. See Landscape study on the use of mobile and wireless technologies for teaching and learning in the post-16 sector

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