Future elearning call details announced

Full details are expected mid-May. While the action lines have been in place since last year, the priorities and award criteria for 2005 proposals were released today. Note that funding will focus on establishing services rather than the development of tools, software or content.

Action line 1 Digital Literacy 1.3 million €
To encourage acquisition of the skills and knowledge needed for personal and professional development and active participation in an information-driven society. Also looking at ICT’s contribution to learning, especially for excluded learners - whether due to location, socio-economic situation or special needs.

Action line 2 European Virtual Campuses 4.1 million €
To add a virtual dimension to European co-operation in HE by encouraging new organisational models for European universities (virtual campuses) and for European exchange and sharing schemes (virtual mobility). This will build on existing frameworks such as Erasmus, but using e-learning.

Action line 4 Transversal actions 1 million €
Building on the eLearning Action Plan, these actions aim to promote best practice, products and services coming out of previous projects and strengthen co-operation. With emphasis on dissemination, support to European networks, surveys, studies and events and on co-operation with existing international projects. Specific priorities are support for end-users in:

  • Information services - covering issues linked to Intellectual Property Rights, open standards and interoperability, and tools and support for creating and re-purposing e-learning content.
  • Learning support services – including provision of Internet based European services for managing e-learning content; new economic models, approaches and partnerships eg schemes based on the Open Content model; support in fostering thriving ‘Communities of practice’, and in self-evaluation and peer review of digital content.

Action line 3 - eTwinning - is part of a separate restricted call.


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