ePortfolios for Assessment and PDP

Online assessment is becoming more and more popular as we try and push out the boundaries of our use of ICT in education. Here are a few recent projects looking at the use of ePortfolios for assessment and Professional/Personal Development Planning (PDP).

Here's how one group used 'ePortfolios to assess the Reflective Capabilities of Medical Students'. You can also access a demo of the tool they used by registering for a demonstration account.

eViva is a schools based project using ePortfolios to allow students to provide evidence of their ICT abilities for assessment. This two year project piloted a system with 10 schools and generally received positive feedback from both students and teachers. Some of the unusual functionality added interest, with students particularly enjoying being able to post comments via SMS. Other features included creating a “voice postcard” over the phone which was uploaded to the site and having a telephone Viva as a final assessment. Teachers felt that student motivation increased, and that they were given a better insight into their students learning. Students were encouraged to annotate their work (promoting reflective practices) and add comments to their classmates work (encouraging peer reviewing and collaborative learning). The final report gives details of the project, the platform and the views of students and teachers participating in the pilot.

The UKGRAD programme has developed a database of case studies from UK institutions, detailing how they are using online PDP for post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers. The resource is intended to allow sharing and advancement of best practice across the sector. (Registration is required to access the existing case studies).

Other ePortfolio projects and resources can be found on David Tosh's e-portfolio research and development community, based at Edinburgh University.

While JISC is funding various new ePortfolio development projects including:


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