Engaging Networks for Sustainable eLearning in Florence

As one of the partners of the ENSeL project, we're just back from the latest meeting in Florence. This was hosted by SAGO an Italian SME who undertake applied research into Informatics, Education and Training in the health care sector.

The meeting focused around what this network of networks has learned from elearning trials involving people from SMEs in Italy, France and the UK. We are currently in the process of devising a template for tutors to reflect on their learning from the trial. This will be based on the outcomes from Florence, but also on analysis of partners views on learning in networks, which were recorded during interviews at an earlier meeting at Göteborg University.

We used NVivo for the early analysis, but are looking at other qualititative analysis software for more flexibility. Thomas Koenig at Loughborough University provides an overview of what computer-assisted qualitative data analyses software (CAQDAS) is available.


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Here is another comparison document, this time from the CAQDAS Networking project at Surrey, entitled
"Choosing a CAQDAS Package A working paper" by Ann Lewins & Christina Silver. They also have a list of packages.

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