Blogging in commmunities

EDUCAUSE Community Blogs is an interesting venture into a membership based organisation supporting and encouraging their members to use blogs. There has been interest in UK based mailing lists of late regarding this concept. Maybe this will be the new tool for communities of practice?

Pew: Internet adoption in America

Larger scale results of what is happening in the US with public internet use are available at Pew Internet & American Life Project: Internet adoption.

Free Online Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Chris McAllister of Blackpool and The Fylde College just posted a query regarding Moodle to the ALT list. Some of the links that came back included this Review of Free LMS, specifically Yahoo! Groups, BSCW, Moodle, Fle3 Learning Environment, Manhattan Virtual Classroom, ILIAS, ATutor, and dotLRN. Various articles from Auricle (a blog run by the elearning team at Bath University) on moodle. There was also reference to the JISC London Regional Support Centre (RSC) Moodle evaluation group.

Common Information Environment publishes Audience Research

"Understanding the Audience" a report by MORI on who, how, and why people in the UK use the internet has just been published by the Common Information Environment group.

EC funded projects on eLearning

Here's the latest on the projects that were successful in the last round of funding for the EC's eLearning Initiative. This call focused on Digital Literacy, Virtual campuses and Transversal actions.

Some useful links

What about RSS and news feeds?

Just reading this article on how to 'Give Your Site the RSS Treatment'. Might be something we could use to keep up to date ourselves to start with, then once we have something more to share, we could syndicate our own site?

Syndic8 provides a listing of sites. Found the following when searching for:
  1. 'elearn' - The eLearn Magazine, the feed URL is
  2. 'Learning' - News - Teaching very much about school education; Learning - Educational Technologies on Robin Good; Learning Circuits, a chatty number.
  3. 'Online learn' and 'ict learn'- found nothing relevant